June 13, 2013

Call Me Crazy - Day 4

Today I woke up and decided to change my program from the Eat Well Program  to the Energy Reset Program  .  The difference between the two programs is the Eat Well has a raw food/smoothie component and only two Psyllium Shakes per day - whereas the Energy Reset has no food and five Psyllium Shakes per day.  So not too much difference but enough of one to give you a different end result - and I'm not talking weight loss I'm talking cleansing.

One point they reinforce here is that this is not a weight loss centre its a health and wellness centre - if its weight loss you've come looking for then this is not the place for you - obviously weight loss is an added bonus if you do lose.  But its designed around promoting a healthy and new you.  Its great on a physical, spiritual and mental level.  Every day I go wow can this centre get any better.

So as I write this post I have had three of my five shakes  and so far so good- I am not feeling hungry at all - the psyllium powder really fills you up.  Oh and I forgot to tell you the most important piece of info - there is another colema added into this program except this one is infused with garlic - which is to help kill any parasites living in your colon - if you missed my post about the colema you can read it here...

I am about to head off for my second colema of the day - I take a book with me to take my mind of the whole thing - it usually takes about an hour.

For dinner tonight I will be having a lovely bowl of broth - which is not bad actually - they do have lots of little condiments that you can add to it to give it a bit more flavour.  Here is a picture of my lunch yesterday - a gorgeous beetroot salad - it was delicious.

Tonight we will have dinner and then head to the resort next door where a former guest that we met is now staying - we want to soak up the atmosphere of sitting around a bar in Thailand (like your supposed to when you holiday here) but we will all be drinking water!!!!!

So thats all for today - see you all tomorrow......

Day Three

Today was really just a repeat of yesterday -we have a set timetable for each day with little extras thrown in on different days.

This mornings exercise was a walk around the most gorgeous lake - it was such a beautiful spot for a walk - its obviously a favourite amoung the expat community here as there were loads of people walking there.

We then took a short stroll up the road to the beach - Ni Harn - another great spot but not today, the surf  was really dangerous and huge waves - great if you are a surfer I guess.

The rest of the day was pretty routine.  Thought I'd get a chance to sit by the pool as I had a 3hr break - but not long after I had been out there - a big storm rolled in.  So I do not think that I will be going home with a tan from this break.  Usually at this time of year I holiday on the island of Koh Samui which is in a different part of Thailand and its hot and lovely and sunny - but unfortunately its the good ole rainy season here in Phuket - but not to worry there really is no time for sitting around due to the timetable we have.

Dinner tonight was a lovely green salad with a Japanese dressing which was great.  We ended up having a rather late night (well late as far as detox goes)  2230 -- LOL you say.  Usually we are all in bed by 1930.  A small group of us enjoyed a good ole girl talk session - great fun and laughs.

See you on Day 4.....

June 11, 2013

Day Two - Lets Talk Colema!!!!

Day two is almost over and I'm feeling pretty awful today - guess thats what the detoxing is all about I suppose.  Having done a three week juice fast back in February I am all to familiar with these detox symptoms - I remember on day 3 feeling like I was going to die.  Thankfully today I don't feel like that.

I started my day with a Zumba class which was fantastic - so much fun to do - but it made me realise that I'm not as uncoordinated as I thought I'd be - mind you it was a very easy class, as they do try to not over exert you here - as you really do not have the energy to do so.

But when it came time to down my shake of Psyllium Powder/Magnesium Oxide Powder and Bentonite Clay I almost threw up along with swallowing my six supplement tablets...  But I kept it down thankfully - unlike many who are on the program.

There are 16 of us here at the moment and everyone has formed such a great bond its fabulous - you feel like you have known each other for years.  Most are from Australia/NZ and then theres people from Dubai/Kuwait/Germany so a real mixture.  We all pass each other in the day as everyone has different timetables - but at 1800 we all sit at the dinner table around the pool and eat dinner or broth - so its a truly great atmosphere - and the owner joins us at the table and he is around all day - which is great.

The staff here are amazing - so friendly and professional, I cannot fault a single thing - well maybe the pillows!!!!!  But seriously its great.

Now yesterday I posted a comment on my facebook which drew some interesting comments - I had my first colema -  so I wrote on my status:  I just put 15 litres of coffee/apple cider vinegar infused water up me bum!!!!!!  I used to work in Gastroenterology  assisting with colonoscopy/endoscopies so I knew that my GE nurse/Dr friends would not approve -this is a very controversial topic amoungst the medical profession for many a reason (of which I will not go into) 

 So whats a colema you may ask - its basically a bowel washout using a tube that gravity feeds water into your colon.  Now that thought may freak you out - but its not all that bad.  The room is all set up for you and away you go - noone else is in the room with you, and there is music playing and candles lit - not that that makes the whole process any better.  But it makes for a more relaxed environment..

Heres a picture of what the room set up looks like:

Now let your imagination run wild.  You lie on the colema board with your butt right up against the chute and you insert a little tube into your rectum which is then attached to another piece of tubing which then allows you to control how much fluid you put into your bowel.  You only put in as much as you can tolerate and then you clamp the tubing and hold on as long as you can and then you let it all go.......and after a while it sure all goes.  AM I CRAZY your probably saying right now - well I have in the past had colonic irrigations done (which are slightly different to this and have an operator) so no I don't think I'm crazy - but many of you will think so.

Have you ever had a colonic or colema and what did you think????

This is the bucket of fluid that needs to go in and YES thats 14Litres of coffee/apple cider vinegar infused warm water.  The coffee stimulates the liver and the apple cider vinegar is alkalysing.  The whole process can take up from 45minutes to 1hour...

And heres the little tube and the all important KY Jelly.....

There you have it...... Not all that bad - REALLY!!!!  Seem as we are all going through the same thing the conversation at the dinner table is all about food and poo...... And yes they do encourage us after Day 3 to place a basket in the loo and to look at what we pass as they say we will begin passing all sorts of interesting looking things - so stay tuned....ONLY JOKING,  I'll keep those pictures to my family album!!!!!

As Day 2 comes to an end - I am having a fabulous time and know that I will not want to leave - see you tomorrow......

June 10, 2013

Day One - Raw Food Cleanse

So its finally arrived Day One of my Raw Food Cleanse - but I did sample a Raw Pizza last night and it was really good - I was surprised.  I'm not actually sure what the base was but it was good.  It had a cashew 'cheese' sauce, olive tapenade, and a marinara sauce on it.  Very tasty.

Raw Pizza

The day started at 0700 by the pool for 'breakfast' as they call it, which was a shake which consisted of Psyllium Powder, Bentonite Clay and Magnesium Oxide - sounds gross well it wasn't pleasant but it was drinkable.  I have to drink this twice daily.  All these ingredients help to "get things moving" as they say......

My morning shake ingredients

It was then time for yoga and meditation and orientation to the program.  I am more than impressed at how professional this centre is.  The timetable is very comprehensive but with some free time in different parts of the day.  There is going to be no time to get bored here thats for sure.  Because I am on the Eat Well Programme I was given a lovely plate of papaya to eat - along with my daily detox supplements..... 19 per day...... plus a shot of colloidal silver and a Blood Pressure reading.


Daily supplements - minus the morning ones which I had already taken..

Now comes the fun part - a colema  - of which I will perform every day while here.  I will talk about this in another post.   But I certainly feel like I have nothing left inside of me thats for sure.

The rest of the day mainly consists of smoothies/salad for lunch then a Massage along with a session in the Thai Herbal Steam Room, dinner and more supplements.

 My First Green Smoothie of the Day

 Salad for lunch with hommus

The view from the restaurant - raining and windy

Overall - even though I am only half way through my first day I feel ok so far - a little bit of a headache, which is to be expected.  We will see what the rest of the week brings.  So stay tuned......

Today I'm linking up with Essentially Jess  for team#IBOT

June 9, 2013

The Day Before...

Here I am arrived safe and sound at Atmanjai - all ready to start my Raw Food Cleanse tomorrow morning at 0700 - this is one holiday that won't be allowing me a sleep in!!!!

It sure was a hard stint walking around the airport smelling all the lovely asian food, and the not so lovely western processed food - but I took myself off to the Fish Spa and let lots of little fish nibble away at my hands and feet - it really is quite a nice feeling.  I also thought I was indulging in a lovely neck and shoulder massage - but after I felt like I had been assaulted!!!!! But it took my mind off all those lovely smells of food.  Its always when you know you can't have something you really want it and when you can you don't......

I was given such a lovely welcoming (as you always do from the Thai people), my room is great, and the raw food menu looks amazing.  Think I might indulge in a raw pizza tonight...sounds interesting thats for sure....

My room at Atmanjai

Excited isn't the word that I would use to describe how I feel about starting the program tomorrow but it will do for now.  Maybe tomorrow I will be wishing I was lying on a beach somewhere else in Thailand sipping cocktails with a gorgeous man lying by my side......

Speaking of men - this trip to to Thailand via Singapore was harder than I expected it to be.  This was supposed to be our (my partner and I)  trip to Thailand that we take every year - right down to the exact flight and all.   So the whole beginning of the trip was bitter sweet to say the least.

But the feeling of "I should be travelling with whats his face" soon disappeared when I was seated next to a gorgeous man on the plane.  Shame he was married - but what a great guy - we laughed and laughed all the way.  What a great flight it was - the things we talked about and we're total strangers - lordy lordy......  Internet dating  (now thats another post all on its own - so keep a look out for this one) So that was one hurdle out the way.

Now the next hurdle........ I  specifically chose a different hotel in Singapore for my overnight stay - but I got upgraded to a suite which was just lovely but I could not help thinking I should be sharing this with someone other than me, myself and I.  So I went shopping then came back and indulged in a bubble bath - just devine......

So now the next part of this holiday is for ME and only ME - I am over the past and have not thought about the past for a long long time - (this is where the internet dating comes in to the equation)  so watch this space for the intimate and not so intimate details of my raw food cleansing journey.....

Overnight Stop Over In Singapore

Well I'm officially on my way to Phuket to begin my Raw Food Cleanse.  I have an overnight stop over in Singapore - no chance to get to Orchard Road tonight (but on the way back for sure).

To start my journey I had pre-ordered a Raw Vegetarian Meal on the plane - and yes it was actually quite yummy (the yummy guy next to me did not think so...lol) (shame he was married he was just devine and oh so funny) Anyway back to the meal - I really enjoyed it - but it was enough for me to last the flight - I could not eat the next snack that they bought out to me - that was real rabbit food....

I was very disciplined and did not eat the butter or the bread roll.

I checked into my hotel Capri by Fraser  - first time I have stayed here.  Usually I stay at another hotel close to the airport (which shall remain nameless due to the teriible last two times I stayed there).  The Capri is also close to the airport and runs a free shuttle bus to and fro.  I am really impressed with the hotel - its bright and fresh and smells nice, staff are great and I got upgraded to a suite which was great (shame I have noone to share it with but hey such is life).  Love the room - huge big bed - nice deep bath (of which a bubble bath was a must) and its right next door to a shopping mall which also has loads of places to eat - shame I could not eat the food.

So check out their website as its a great transit hotel - I highly recommend it.

My bubble bath in the making

So tomorrow I head off to Phuket for a lazy day in the sun before I start my raw food cleanse on Monday.... I'll keep you posted.