March 29, 2013

How To Change The Name of Your Blog

Well I think I have my mojo back as far as blogging is concerned.

Yay for all my followers, thanks for sticking with me through my rough patch.  Your support and comments were very much appreciated and welcomed.  Its nice to know there are so many lovely fellow bloggers out there - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I need your help with a blogging issue  - is it possible to change the name of your blog and still keep your followers???

I wish to keep blogging about my "ditching the sugar" journey but I also now want to share other things in my life.

Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

March 8, 2013

Just a Bit of Light Humour

Well my regular readers will know that I have entered the world of singledom - not by choice of course!!!!  Still no answers as to why - so I just have to begin to crawl out of the hole that I have found myself in and move on.  Have my first counselling session tomorrow - reluctantly of course - but I need it - I am 42 and have a "Mental Health Plan"  just great...........

Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.

I now have this on rear window of my car - those of you who live in Australia will have seen these stick figures on many cars around town (not sure if they are in any other countries)  but you can buy these little stickers for your car and choose the ones which best depicts your family members.  Now obviously you can't buy the new sticker (well not that I know of)  that is on my car (a family member made it for me) just a bit of light humour.

Made me laugh anyway....