May 31, 2013

One Week To My Raw Food Cleanse.

Well as you know I ventured into a sugar free lifestyle way back in January of this year - and I've done really well to stay off the sugar - which is amazing for a huge chocoholic like me!!!!   But I will admit that I have had the odd piece now and then.

I have lost 16kg in the process and I feel amazing.  Its been so much fun shopping for new clothes.  So to top it all off I am going on a 8 day Raw Food Cleanse in Thailand.  This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time and given what has transpired in my life over the last 18 months it is now time for ME!!!!  This will be great for me physically, mentally and spiritually.

I will be leaving behind the wet and cold Gold Coast for the hopefully sunny but warm Phuket next Saturday.  I'm on the countdown now......

I will be going to Atmanjai which is located in Rawai, Phuket.  I chose to do the Raw Food Cleanse rather than a full on fast as I thought it would be must easier to transition back to "normal".

My preparation (which I have started) is to eliminate all of the following:  carbs/sugars/alcohol/coffee/dairy/fish/meat/poultry, so basically everything except raw fruit and vegetables, which as you can imagine is very hard to do seem as its so cold at the moment.  But I am managing quite well.  I have to be totally raw for four days before I start - but I will go raw on Monday so it will be 8 days out - Wish Me Luck!!!!!!

I will blog on a daily basis so you can see how I'm progressing.  I'm hoping to come home with a wealth of knowledge and to be feeling even more fantastic than I do now.

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May 3, 2013

Is Yoga Making Me Feel Sick???

Well I was supposed to join the gym  - but instead I bought myself one of those Cudo vouchers for a three month pass to unlimited yoga all for the amazing price of $29.00.  So since I have always wanted to try yoga I thought that I would buy one of the vouchers.

So off I go to the first class of which I chose a beginners class.  The setting is just amazing on the waterfront looking at the glistening water as you get yourself into positions that I am sure the body is not meant to ever get into.  But I came away feeling quite exhilarated...

I have since been to four more classes each of varying levels - and as the studio is brand new and they are trying to build up their business they are catering for all needs and are very open to suggestions of what people want out of a class - how good is that.....

But the last two days I have been feeling really unwell - dizzy, headaches, aching/burning legs and just so tired.  I have tried eliminating food groups that I thought were contributing to my symptoms but with no relief.  So I've begun thinking is the yoga  releasing all the toxins throughout my body.  I can't think of anything else that would be making me feel so awful (I don't ever get sick (touch wood))

Has anyone else experienced similar effects after doing yoga - or am I being a drama queen?????

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