April 26, 2013

Anzac Day Parade 2013

Today my mum and I drove to Brisbane for the Anzac Day Parade.  We left home (the Gold Coast) at 0815 in hope of finding a park in the city close by - and we were just so lucky, we got a park just down from the Sofitel Hotel and took the escalators down to Anne Street and we were right at the foot of the Shrine of Remembrance - how lucky was that.

Because we had such a good run in with no traffic on the road we managed to get a place on the street right in the front row.  This was my first Anzac Parade and it was just amazing. It was a very humbling experience.  It brings everything back home and sure makes you appreciate what these amazing people did for us.  Next year I will be going to a dawn service.  It really was a great day.

Hope you all had a great Anzac Day.

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April 19, 2013

Happy Again.....

Well I finally feel "normal" again after my relationship breaking down and moving out of the home we shared and having to start my life over again.

I try not to think of what could have been - as mentally I cannot afford to do that.  I have not seen him since I left the house, we have had a few conversations and thats it - but nothing to give me a clue as to "WHY"......

But thats ok - I have now accepted the fact that its all over and there is no going back.  So time to move on with my life.

I now no longer cry over what "could have been", and nor do I cry about the past and how he hurt me so bad - and thats a big plus for me - I never realised that I could cry so much, I'm sure I could have ended the water shortage they were having in NZ....lol..... (See I can laugh now)

I have finally realised that my relationship was the casualty of a long distance disaster.  We lived in two different countries for almost four years - at the time it all seemed good and appeared to be working well (in my eyes), but I do remember him telling me one day that he had become somewhat independent and got used to living on his own - what an awful thing to say to someone you have been with for 10years.

If I am honest with myself  when I look back things probably had never been right for the last 14 months.  We had been living as friends (with no benefits), quite like flatmates really.  And it was not until I began living on my own that I finally realised how miserable my life had been.

So  hooray for me for moving on and at last feeling good about me (I have lost 16kgs in the process)  and being happy at last.

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April 12, 2013

Big Blowout!!!!!!

Oh no I can't believe what I did today and then again tonight - what was I thinking!!!!!!

As you all know I was on a quest to "ditch the sugar" which I have successfully done - yay for me, its been a few months now and I feel and look fantastic - wow I just suprised myself by saying that, I never praise myself or say anything good about me..... but since my no sugar quest and my relationship failure I have dropped a whopping 16kgs.  I have never been able to lose that amount of weight before!!!!

BUT wait!!!!!!  Last night the ex dropped off a box and left it on the doorstep with some of my belongings in it - no knock on the door or anything - it was done under the cover of darkness - I expected half as much so it should not have been a surprise to me at all.

I have been so good since the break up (well not the first couple of weeks) and I have not even thought about him or the past (can't afford to - mentally) and I have begun to get on with my life - even started dating - I'll leave that for another post.

Well obviously it affected me more than I thought - the box drop that is.  So today I ate an easter egg that one of my patients had given me - and then OMG can't believe that I did this - I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter on for my dinner.  What a major blowout!!!!!!

And now I feel absolutely rotten - headache, lethargic, sore tum, and just utterly miserable......now that will teach me for eating something that I shouldn't have..... my body is going into shock!!!!!

Back on track tomorrow - I'll probably have to swim to NZ and back to burn it all off........

I know we all have blowouts but are yours as bad or worse than mine?????