April 12, 2013

Big Blowout!!!!!!

Oh no I can't believe what I did today and then again tonight - what was I thinking!!!!!!

As you all know I was on a quest to "ditch the sugar" which I have successfully done - yay for me, its been a few months now and I feel and look fantastic - wow I just suprised myself by saying that, I never praise myself or say anything good about me..... but since my no sugar quest and my relationship failure I have dropped a whopping 16kgs.  I have never been able to lose that amount of weight before!!!!

BUT wait!!!!!!  Last night the ex dropped off a box and left it on the doorstep with some of my belongings in it - no knock on the door or anything - it was done under the cover of darkness - I expected half as much so it should not have been a surprise to me at all.

I have been so good since the break up (well not the first couple of weeks) and I have not even thought about him or the past (can't afford to - mentally) and I have begun to get on with my life - even started dating - I'll leave that for another post.

Well obviously it affected me more than I thought - the box drop that is.  So today I ate an easter egg that one of my patients had given me - and then OMG can't believe that I did this - I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter on for my dinner.  What a major blowout!!!!!!

And now I feel absolutely rotten - headache, lethargic, sore tum, and just utterly miserable......now that will teach me for eating something that I shouldn't have..... my body is going into shock!!!!!

Back on track tomorrow - I'll probably have to swim to NZ and back to burn it all off........

I know we all have blowouts but are yours as bad or worse than mine?????

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  1. Everyday is a blowout for me right now. Quit sugar for 7 weeks last Oct/Nov and haven't been able to get back to it! I'm like an alcoholic on my last bender! Gained all 5kgs I lost. Need to have my mind totally reprogrammed. Sounds like you have done an awesome job. 16kg! that is so amazing. Well done. V.