February 28, 2013

Detox Health Spas Anyone????

I started my Sugar Free Journey and journey to a better me back in January and have been very successful in staying off the sugar - Yay for me.  And those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that I have been going through a very stressful time of late (and stayed off the sugar), so I have decided that now all I have to think about is ME - I am going to take some ME time.

I booked a flight with some airpoints to Singapore (Mr H and I were supposed to be going on our yearly trip to Thailand but obviously that is not going to happen any longer), so I have decided to still take the holiday and a Detox/Weight Loss Retreat is something that  I have always wanted to do.

Reading some blogs I have some ideas in my head of retreats available.  They range from the very $$$$ to the not so $$$$$.

Has anyone been to a retreat before?  What was it like?  Did you feel good after?

Any suggestions or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I haven't been but I'd love to go. I think spending a few days/weeks on yourself to rest and rejuvenate would be a big luxury.

    Overseas would be a great idea. I hope you get there. X

  2. Just your about me - which is the same as me - Kiwi turned Aussie and living on the Gold or should I say soaked Coast! I hope your health kick is going well Kellie! Emily

  3. I have heard some great results and stories from those retreats but never been able to go to one, much as I'd like.
    Good on you for taking your trip, I am sure it will be a great time to absorb everything in. xxxx

  4. I would absolutely love to go to a health retreat! I quit sugar for weeks last year and lost five kilos only to go back on sugar and gain all the weight again. I'm finding it so hard to get started this time around. Need to go to rehab, I mean a retreat to get off it again!