December 30, 2013

Reboot Day 1-3

Well I'm finally doing it - the big reboot for 2014.  I'm following Joe Cross's 10 day reboot and I'm on Day 4 and so far I am feeling great. 

I am finding that there is so much food that I am having trouble eating it all - but I am trying to as I know that its important.

I have my brothers wedding coming up in February so I have to be looking hot.... I have also purchased a fat cavitation machine to work on myself.  I purchased a package of 13 sessions from a beauty salon and its made such a difference to my body its amazing.  So yesterday I fat blasted (as I call it) and I wrapped myself.

Wrapped Myself - yes!!!!  I have now started selling the It Works Body Wraps.  Yes I was sceptical but I have tried them and they do work - so I will be looking fab come the wedding.

I've been walking every day for an hour - which is really good for me.  I hate exercise - but its growing on me.

So now I'm off to eat my salad.


  1. I'm doing a bit of a reboot myself too (I'm in my mid-thirties & trying to start afresh. This was an interesting post, I'm glad I'm not alone in starting the year with a clean slate! :)

  2. Congratulations on your reboot and business. I haven't tried the wraps, but I am doing a healthy lifestyle/cleanse/weight loss thing called isogenix this month. So far, so good, but it's a bit controversial as it involves shakes etc. Still I will blog about it honestly. I'm also back to exercising and it feels so good to do it regularly. I've just had to make a time for it in my diary so it doesn't get left out. Lifts my mood and makes me feel good I'm doing something for myself!

  3. Kellie, you have won my 'thrill' competition. You have to send me your contact details so I can get your prize to you! Congratulations!

    1. Oh wow - how exciting is that - thanks so much - I will send u my details...