June 13, 2013

Call Me Crazy - Day 4

Today I woke up and decided to change my program from the Eat Well Program  to the Energy Reset Program  .  The difference between the two programs is the Eat Well has a raw food/smoothie component and only two Psyllium Shakes per day - whereas the Energy Reset has no food and five Psyllium Shakes per day.  So not too much difference but enough of one to give you a different end result - and I'm not talking weight loss I'm talking cleansing.

One point they reinforce here is that this is not a weight loss centre its a health and wellness centre - if its weight loss you've come looking for then this is not the place for you - obviously weight loss is an added bonus if you do lose.  But its designed around promoting a healthy and new you.  Its great on a physical, spiritual and mental level.  Every day I go wow can this centre get any better.

So as I write this post I have had three of my five shakes  and so far so good- I am not feeling hungry at all - the psyllium powder really fills you up.  Oh and I forgot to tell you the most important piece of info - there is another colema added into this program except this one is infused with garlic - which is to help kill any parasites living in your colon - if you missed my post about the colema you can read it here...

I am about to head off for my second colema of the day - I take a book with me to take my mind of the whole thing - it usually takes about an hour.

For dinner tonight I will be having a lovely bowl of broth - which is not bad actually - they do have lots of little condiments that you can add to it to give it a bit more flavour.  Here is a picture of my lunch yesterday - a gorgeous beetroot salad - it was delicious.

Tonight we will have dinner and then head to the resort next door where a former guest that we met is now staying - we want to soak up the atmosphere of sitting around a bar in Thailand (like your supposed to when you holiday here) but we will all be drinking water!!!!!

So thats all for today - see you all tomorrow......

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