June 11, 2013

Day Two - Lets Talk Colema!!!!

Day two is almost over and I'm feeling pretty awful today - guess thats what the detoxing is all about I suppose.  Having done a three week juice fast back in February I am all to familiar with these detox symptoms - I remember on day 3 feeling like I was going to die.  Thankfully today I don't feel like that.

I started my day with a Zumba class which was fantastic - so much fun to do - but it made me realise that I'm not as uncoordinated as I thought I'd be - mind you it was a very easy class, as they do try to not over exert you here - as you really do not have the energy to do so.

But when it came time to down my shake of Psyllium Powder/Magnesium Oxide Powder and Bentonite Clay I almost threw up along with swallowing my six supplement tablets...  But I kept it down thankfully - unlike many who are on the program.

There are 16 of us here at the moment and everyone has formed such a great bond its fabulous - you feel like you have known each other for years.  Most are from Australia/NZ and then theres people from Dubai/Kuwait/Germany so a real mixture.  We all pass each other in the day as everyone has different timetables - but at 1800 we all sit at the dinner table around the pool and eat dinner or broth - so its a truly great atmosphere - and the owner joins us at the table and he is around all day - which is great.

The staff here are amazing - so friendly and professional, I cannot fault a single thing - well maybe the pillows!!!!!  But seriously its great.

Now yesterday I posted a comment on my facebook which drew some interesting comments - I had my first colema -  so I wrote on my status:  I just put 15 litres of coffee/apple cider vinegar infused water up me bum!!!!!!  I used to work in Gastroenterology  assisting with colonoscopy/endoscopies so I knew that my GE nurse/Dr friends would not approve -this is a very controversial topic amoungst the medical profession for many a reason (of which I will not go into) 

 So whats a colema you may ask - its basically a bowel washout using a tube that gravity feeds water into your colon.  Now that thought may freak you out - but its not all that bad.  The room is all set up for you and away you go - noone else is in the room with you, and there is music playing and candles lit - not that that makes the whole process any better.  But it makes for a more relaxed environment..

Heres a picture of what the room set up looks like:

Now let your imagination run wild.  You lie on the colema board with your butt right up against the chute and you insert a little tube into your rectum which is then attached to another piece of tubing which then allows you to control how much fluid you put into your bowel.  You only put in as much as you can tolerate and then you clamp the tubing and hold on as long as you can and then you let it all go.......and after a while it sure all goes.  AM I CRAZY your probably saying right now - well I have in the past had colonic irrigations done (which are slightly different to this and have an operator) so no I don't think I'm crazy - but many of you will think so.

Have you ever had a colonic or colema and what did you think????

This is the bucket of fluid that needs to go in and YES thats 14Litres of coffee/apple cider vinegar infused warm water.  The coffee stimulates the liver and the apple cider vinegar is alkalysing.  The whole process can take up from 45minutes to 1hour...

And heres the little tube and the all important KY Jelly.....

There you have it...... Not all that bad - REALLY!!!!  Seem as we are all going through the same thing the conversation at the dinner table is all about food and poo...... And yes they do encourage us after Day 3 to place a basket in the loo and to look at what we pass as they say we will begin passing all sorts of interesting looking things - so stay tuned....ONLY JOKING,  I'll keep those pictures to my family album!!!!!

As Day 2 comes to an end - I am having a fabulous time and know that I will not want to leave - see you tomorrow......

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  1. I have heard about it! Sound very interesting. One wellness five star hotel here have similar detox program, perhaps.