June 13, 2013

Day Three

Today was really just a repeat of yesterday -we have a set timetable for each day with little extras thrown in on different days.

This mornings exercise was a walk around the most gorgeous lake - it was such a beautiful spot for a walk - its obviously a favourite amoung the expat community here as there were loads of people walking there.

We then took a short stroll up the road to the beach - Ni Harn - another great spot but not today, the surf  was really dangerous and huge waves - great if you are a surfer I guess.

The rest of the day was pretty routine.  Thought I'd get a chance to sit by the pool as I had a 3hr break - but not long after I had been out there - a big storm rolled in.  So I do not think that I will be going home with a tan from this break.  Usually at this time of year I holiday on the island of Koh Samui which is in a different part of Thailand and its hot and lovely and sunny - but unfortunately its the good ole rainy season here in Phuket - but not to worry there really is no time for sitting around due to the timetable we have.

Dinner tonight was a lovely green salad with a Japanese dressing which was great.  We ended up having a rather late night (well late as far as detox goes)  2230 -- LOL you say.  Usually we are all in bed by 1930.  A small group of us enjoyed a good ole girl talk session - great fun and laughs.

See you on Day 4.....

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