January 11, 2013

Day 10

This morning my husband and I had a smoothie to start the day with pomegranate/blueberries/chia seeds/spinach and water - so delicious and filling.  Those little chia seeds really fill you up.

I was out and about again today until 1300 and I had only had one drink all day so I stopped off at boost juice and had an orange/strawberry/banana juice - which was really good actually.

I am still feeling good too.

Two years ago when we went on holiday to Thailand I had some trousers made - not to measure but a copy of a pair that fit me perfectly.  So they made these pants for me but the material they used did not have any stretch in them (like my others) so I knew straight away that they were not going to fit me any time soon.  So I politely refused to try them on in the shop and just said "oh wow they are perfect" - well guess what they fit me now - two years later.

I was showing my husband this morning that I could now fit these pants and he said "didn't you fit them two years ago"  LOL.   He then asked me to try on a pair of jeans that I bought probably about 8 years ago.  Now these jeans mean alot to my husband as  he  painstakingly walked around for hours trying to find me a pair of jeans that I could fit in to as I had lost alot of weight then.  And it was a mission let me tell you as I have a very odd shaped body - so its hard to find jeans that fit.  But anyway what I'm trying to say is that I fit these jeans now and it FEELS GOOD.......

So to end the day I will juice a couple of vege juices as I tend to have alot of juices with fruit in them.

But all is good at Day 10.......

PS How are you going??????

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