January 10, 2013

Day 9

Started the day with a apple/kiwifruit/celery and cucumber juice - tasted good.

I am sleeping like a baby - the last few nights I have not woken up at all during the night which is fantastic - I wake in the morning feeling so good and very well rested.  My skin is glowing, my hair is shining so overall all is good.

I've been snacking on carrots and grapes today as I was out and about.  Had a vege filled juice from Boost Juice for lunch.

This afternoon I went for a smoothie and yes you guessed it - it was the goji berry smoothie - I will wake up one morning looking like a goji berry I am sure ...lol - but it is so good.

Dinner tonight will be prawns and salad - which we were going to have last night but for some reason we didn't.

And for those of you wondering how my husband is going - well he's NOT.  He thinks its ok to drink juice all day and then come home and have a meal at night along with two iceblocks  or maybe some junk food - I knew there was no way that he would be able to have only juice. But I suppose at least he is trying.

I also had fun cleaning out my wardrobe today and the best part is that more and more clothes are making their way into the wearable part of my wardrobe - feels good to be losing the weight.

Heres to Day 10.  Oh and no chocolate for 9 days how awesome is that.

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