January 31, 2013

End of The Road

Well today is Day 30 - I've made it.  For the last 30 days I have been trying real hard to change my eating habits - as they were not the best.  My snacking was the biggest problem as chocolate is my downfall - BIG TIME.

Over the last 30 days I have had:-

No Alcohol (that was not hard)
No Coffee (that was sort of hard)
Very Little Sugar - when I did eat it I got major headaches
No Rice/Potatoes (not hard at all)
Lots of fresh fruit and vege
Lots of fruit and vege juices
Tried out new raw foods

Overall I have lost weight which is great - not a huge amount but enough for people to notice and enough for me to fit into clothes that I have not been able to for years.  And enough to make me feel a little more confident about my body image.

Your comments and messages have been so motivating and to know that I have also provided inspiration to others is just great.

As I continue on this journey I won't be blogging as much - as I am not a cook or have no inspiration when it comes to creating dishes in the kitchen.  So I can't post yummy recipes here that I have created - I do get my recipes from other sources (of which I always give credit to)

I will continue to juice for week long detox's and eat raw food (and some cooked)  but I will not fall back into my old habits of buying chocolate every time I visit the supermarket (which is every day)

But I do need to start exercising - I need a major kick up the backside to get me going.  And I will let you know when I stumble across some extra yummy recipes.

I have decided to concentrate a little more on my other blog which you can read here - I have been neglecting it....

Thanks for following me over the last 30 days - its been great.

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