January 3, 2013

Unexpected Start

Day 1

Well I was not going to start my juicing until Monday - but as we all know "I'll start on Monday" rolls around far too often.  So I started today - Wednesday.

Firstly I was going to follow Jason Vale's 7lb's in 7 Days Program - which I have successfully done before.  But after christmas I watched the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead  and was greatly inspired by the results that were obtained by juicing, and made me look closely at the rubbish I was  trying to fuel my body with - and its not good.  I have a major sweet tooth.

Hence I have now decided that I will do a combination of the two - as there are many yummy recipes from both of these inspirational men.

In the movie Joe Cross did a 60 day juice only fast - and in America of all places.  Gosh I found it hard today walking around the supermarket looking at all the food that I could eat - but my willpower withstood the test.  I will start with a 30 day juice only fast and see how I go and then I might continue.

My goal is to lose 10kg (22lb).  So we will see how I go.  My husband is supposed to be joining me on Monday for his start.

So I started today with a simple Carrot/Apple/Ginger Juice.  I used the following:

7 Carrots
2 apples
Small piece of ginger

It was really nice.

For lunch I had a juice from Boost Juice (as I was out shopping)  which had apple, beetroot, orange, celery and I gave the boost a miss as I am not sure what exactly it is.

This afternoon I gave a Green Juice a go which consisted of:

4 Leaves of Kale
4 handful of baby spinach
4 stalks of celery
2 apples
1 whole lemon

I found the taste a little bit strong due to the Kale - but it was still drinkable.  Here is a picture of it.

And  this is what my fridge looks like today - overflowing with goodness.

I will make the Crisp and Clean Green Juice to get me through the rest of the day.  (click the link for the recipe - taken from Joe Cross's website.

Now all I need to do is add some exercise into my daily regime.  I have an exercise bike which has not had very much use at all - so time to change that.....

Please let me know if you are following the Reboot Your Life Plan or Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 Days Plan and how you are going.  

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Hi you can try the green mean with a bit of ginger in it. And i have found the curly kale not as bitter as the plain one.