January 14, 2013

Day 13

Well its Day 13 - unlucky for some!!!!

Maybe the unlucky part for me is that I decided to have a Boost Juice Choc Protein Ball - which are just to die for (in my opinion anyway)  so I decided to Google the nutritional content and I was not all that happy with what I found - they actually have quite a high fat content.  So I don't think I shall be having one of those again.

I started the morning with a banana/mango/water/spinach smoothie which I blended in my Vitamix - it was bright pea green (but was delicious)  it was quite thick.  As I took the lid off my Vitamix the plastic  piece that goes into the top of the lid fell into the blender (thankfully it was off) and I picked it out and went to lick it and proceeded to drop a huge blob of bright green smoothie all over my nice clean PJ's - my husband thought it was very funny.

Lunchtime  I had a boost juice two and five juice - which has (off the top of my head) orange, apple, celery, beetroot in it - its actually really nice and refreshing.  I travel on the road for my job so being able to drop into a boost juice bar and grab a fresh juice which I know is full of goodness is just great.

For dinner tonight I will have a cauliflower and spinach vege dish.

I will weigh myself again on the 15th morning - but I am not expecting to lose much weight as I do not have all that much more weight to lose.

I hope everyones journey is going well.  I would love to hear about it - please feel free to leave a comment.  I love to know that you are reading my blog.

Thanks .....

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