January 22, 2013

Day 21 - Missed A Day

Sorry I did not blog  about what I ate/juiced yesterday - had a bad day and was dog gone tired last night - so I hope todays post makes up for it.

This morning we had a goji berry smoothie taken from the Joe Cross Website "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead"  - really filling.

On my way home from work I stopped off at Mrs Flannerys Health Food Store to buy some of the lentils that I talked about in yesterdays post.  I bought two packets: Red Chilli and Coconut Fusion, but in future I will buy them off the website as they are cheaper bought from there.  So I can't wait to cook them tonight.

I found all sorts of raw goodies in the shop - I could have spent a fortune, instead I spent a small fortune....

So what did I buy:

1)  The lentils as mentioned before

2)  Kitz Crackers - Fresh Herb flavour and Mexican Buckwheat Flavour, I am snacking on one  of the Mexican Buckwheat ones and wow its good.

3) Quinitos - which are Quinoa and Rice Snacks from Olive Green Organics - they look yummy and have very little saturated fat in them.

4) Then I bought another packet of my trusty ole seeds - these are great to add to my smoothies. On the packet it claims that in every 100grams there is the equivalent to over 10 fish oil tablets.  They are also great added to a little yoghurt and orange juice - a bit like a bircher museli except you only need a little as they keep you real regular - which is an added bonus.

5) And because I was hungry at the time I bought a Emma & Toms Life Bar Banana - its a raw fruit and nut bar - oh it was so good.  This is the info that I found on the website :

Dry Fruit and Raw Nuts
All Natural
No Preservatives
No Added Sugar
Good Source Of Fibre
One Serve Of Fruit (Australian Guide To Healthy Eating)
Made in Australia

So I got some real yummy healthy snacks to try- so it will be salmon and red chilli lentils for dinner today. 


  1. I am really interested in the Quinitos, do you think kids would eat them?

    Also, the seeds, 100gms = 10 fish oil tabs!? That's worth investigating!


  2. Those lentils look awesome - think I might have to track some down!

  3. Have only just discovered your blog via #IBOT.
    I am aiming to make February my starting month to quit sugar. I can't wait to follow your journey.

  4. Sophie - yes absolutely the kids would love the Quintos - I bought coconut/honey and the other was chocolate - the chocolate ones taste a bit like cocoa pops - but much healthier.

  5. Cookie and A Looker - the lentils were to die for. I might actually try and make them myself - think I could just play around with the spices and some red lentils. But do try them they are delicious.

  6. Carly - good luck with quitting sugar - its not really as hard as it may seem - I find now that if I do have something with sugar , I am buzzing all night long. Good luck - look forward to hearing how you go.

  7. Really glad to have found your blog. I've been reading the Sweet Poison series and think I really need to quit sugar, but keep telling myself next week. What you're eating looks great and could provide just the inspiration i need :)

  8. Thanks for reading the blog slugssnailsnpuppydogtails I will check out Sweet Poison. Good luck with quitting sugar..

  9. You really are a very brave woman in my opinion! I'm so nervous when it comes to food

  10. Lol Jess - Maybe insane but not brave....thanks