January 3, 2013

Day 2

Its amazing how our brains work  - on my travels today I have seen trucks delivering gourmet bread, billboards with food, and I got out in the carpark of a shopping centre and the smell of food was soooo good.

Because I am not eating food I am aware of everything that has anything to do with food - as normally I would not even notice all these things.

I did go to bed feeling quite hungry last night - probably due to the fact that my stomach has been stretched to capacity over the christmas holidays and now its wondering what on earth is going on!! And it did not help that my husband sat next to me last night eating a packet of chocolate covered marshmallows.

Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.

I started the day with a Green Juice which had the following in it:  pineapple/mango/spinach/ginger and water.  This was mixed in my Vitamix - nice and quick...

Today was the first day that I was not at home while I was consuming juices - my job is on the road so I have to keep my juices cool.  I purchased these great spill/leak proof containers from David Jones (but I am sure you can get them at other retailers also.  The brand name is Contigo and it did the job perfectly. I had them in a cool bag also with big ice blocks.  They come in various sizes and colours.

Contigo Water Bottle

My mid morning juice was a simple one of carrot/apple and ginger - I love this juice its so refreshing.

No headaches yet - waiting for Day three to kick in and then we'll see.

This afternoon I made Joe Cross's Crisp and Clean Green Juice of which has cabbage in it - but I think I put far too much cabbage in as it has a very strong  taste - but its still enjoyable.

I just love that green colour

To end the day I will juice  up two of Jason Vales's recipes.  My favourite is the "hot and spicy" which is three apples juiced and then warmed on the stove top and sprinkled with cinnamon - a nice way to finish the day.   I must say I feel pretty good - mind you its only day two so I guess it can only get worse as my body goes into detox mode and then I'll be bouncing off the walls as time goes on.

BUT ALERT - my husband has just informed me that we have VIP tickets to the Gold Coast Magic Millions Race Day - just great!!!!!  No food or champagne for me - what do you think the chances are of them having anything other than juiced grapes!!!!!!

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  1. Hi I bought 2 thermos from kmart 470 mls each and i had one at home 700 mls that i use for my juice at work. I drive all day too. they stay cold for ages. Are you drinking enough juice. They say to drink 5 to 6 500 mls juices a day and 2 to 3 liters of water. Ohhh the hot and spicy sounds nice will have to try that. :)