January 28, 2013

Pros and Cons of Summer Here In Oz

Well its week two of Listmaina and the prompt this week is to list five things I love about my current season and five things I could live without .  So as I live in Australia it is summer here.

Five Things I Love About Summer

1.  I love that I live five minutes from the beach and I have an amazing view when I go walking.

2.  The smell of cooking on the BBQ - the only thing that beats the smell of someone BBQ'ing is when my husband BBQ's.

3.  Eating healthy food and feeling lighter because I am doing so.

4.  Wearing maxi dresses and lovely flowy skirts - nice bright colours and feeling pretty.

5.  Drinking freshly squeezed juices and making yummy smoothies.

Five Things I Could Live Without During Summer

1.  Sweating - my job involves spending alot of time driving around in my car and visiting people in their homes - so I am in and out of my car all day.  So each time I get out of my car it gets hotter and hotter and becomes my very own mobile sauna - hence my pants stick to me, my shirt sticks to me and I feel like I am melting all day long.

2.  Storms - as we live in QLD we are prone to storms of varying degrees - like last night and today.  This is the radar last night.

3.  Getting dark so early on a summers night - I want day light savings, I love day light savings.  Bring it to QLD.

4.  Mosquitos - nothing worse than sitting outside at night time and a few hours later realise that you look like one big mosi bite.

5.  Sunburn - my husband I are usually very careful - but a few weeks ago we were at the beach and I had purchased the new clear spray on sun protection.  We were applying it at the beach and it was windy - so you guessed it we did not get even coverage - and boy did we pay for it the next week.

So what are the pros and cons of your season - where ever you are .  Link up here and join in Listmania.


  1. The mozzies definitely suck :) I burn so easily so I guess I'm lucky that I work at night and am asleep when the sun is in full force

  2. That is an awesome view to enjoy while walking :)

  3. Oh no sunburn can be nasty!!
    Oh yes I agree with you on the BBQ smell...devine!

  4. your view does look amazing - hope you are safe in these storms xx

  5. I am someone who burns so so easy even with sunscreen so I am completely with you on that :(

  6. I get you with the getting in and out of the car, on a daily basis, 5 to 6 times a day for me, it's horrid in the Summer and then in the winter you are dodging the rain, it drives me nuts. xx Rae

  7. Wow i would love to go walking there! us Queenslanders seem to have the same complaints lol.