January 7, 2013

Day 6 - Part 2 - Lack of Concentration

Well I only got about 2hrs sleep last night - I was wired, and have woken with my alarm at 0600 and feel  good (bet I'll crash later tonight)

I managed to get a green juice down this morning - my taste buds seem to have come right now - thank goodness.  On my travels today I sipped on an apple/kiwifruit/celery juice.

Feeling quite good today - just a bit heady but I think thats lack of sleep - this afternoon I had another of Joe's Goji berry smoothies - I just love this one.  But I do think that maybe I am having too many fruit laden drinks - I will have to change this.

I did weigh myself at he beginning of Day 5 and I was down 3kg (6lbs) so I am pretty chuffed about that.  But I do think that I might have to start adding in some raw foods as my lack of concentration or should I say sleep - almost got me into a car accident today.

Firstly I drove straight over a traffic island - which I really did not see (made a terrible noise so I hope my car is ok) then I nearly rammed into the back of a van - lucky I have good reflexes.  So I reckon food might be on the menu tomorrow.

But in the meantime I will end the day with another green juice - which consists of what I do not know just yet.

I was ready to quit last night but due to feeling better and the results on the scales I will juice on

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