January 9, 2013

Day 8

Still feeling good and felt even better when I stepped on the scales - I have lost 3.4kg in 7 days - yipee so happy about that.  Incentive to carry on for sure.

I started the day with a yummy pomegranate smoothie which was delicious (not a juice I know)

Then I headed to the beach for a few hours - and I took lots of water and some grapes to snack on while I was out.  I stayed there for 2 hours and came back looking like the sandman.  It was so windy and with having sunblock on the sand just stuck to me.  Free exfoliation ...lol

This afternoon I had a Goji Berry Smoothie (not a juice I know) I just love this drink.  So I have not really had all that much today but I have had alot of water.

Tonight I will eat salad with prawns, and that will be me done for the day.

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