January 19, 2013

Day 18

Thank goodness today I am feeling much better - head is all good.

Started the day with a green smoothie - spinach/water/mango/banana/chia seeds - it comes out beautiful and thick and such an amazing green colour.  I love to eat it with a spoon.

This afternoon I am off to a Tupperware Party - have not been to one of these for many years.  But I am assured that there will be healthy food for me to eat.   But I will juice up before I go.  Have made a watermelon/pineapple/ginger juice, and a nice refreshing lemon/mint/apple juice  - so I should be right.


I did not end up drinking the second juice before I went to the Tupperware party as I really did not feel like it.

At the party I snacked on cucumber sticks and had a small piece of pita bread (and I mean small)  but I did have a piece of cake (BAD BAD BAD choice)  it was a flourless orange cake - and it was the most amazing cake I have ever tasted.  The only ingredients were : oranges/eggs/almond meal/small amount of sugar - it was so moist and light.  But now I have a headache - I have not had sugar for a while so I feel like I am on a sugar high.

So back on track tomorrow.  Might have to exercise all day to make up for eating a piece of cake.

The Tupperware party was great - some really good new products - I did not buy anything as I'm sure if I had come home with any plastic my husband would not have let me in.  As while we were living overseas I bought plastic containers like they were going out of fashion, because  I wanted to have a pantry that had all matching containers - but as it turns out my pantry is the pull out type so containers really do not work in it.

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