January 13, 2013

Day 12

Day 12 - off to the beach.

Before we headed off to the beach we had a smoothie for breakfast with water/banana/spinach/blueberries and a little raw honey - nice and filling.

So we head off to the beach for some R&R - packed some watermelon and grapes for snacking on and loads of water.

Beach was busy busy busy - nice breeze so not too hot.  Watermelon and grapes went down a treat.  Two hours at the beach is enough for today as our bodies have not really seen the sun this summer - but we were not the whitest people on the beach.

Home for lunch time - salad and a little salmon for me and my husband had left over homemade pizza from last night which smells devine.

I can't believe how strong I have been over the last 12 days - usually on a supermarket trip I would always buy a chocolate bar of some sort.  But I have not had any chocolate in 12 days - now thats some accomplishment  believe me.  I have watched my husband eat chippies, chocolate, thai food, biscuits, pizza just to name a few things and I have not swayed not one little bit - so proud of myself.

I will have salad for dinner with a little protein to go with it.  Roll on Day 13.  I really think this journey has been made easier by the fact that we are having some hot temperatures here and its so good to have a nice juice over ice when its hot.

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