January 24, 2013

Listmania One - Currently I Am

I can't live my life without lists as my memory is like a sieve with really big holes, I go everywhere with lists of all sorts.  So when I found Listmaina created by Deb from  Home Life Simplified via a blog from IBOT - which is the acronym for I Blog on  Tuesdays - I thought that this was right up my alley.  So each week I will add in a Listmania Post.  So this weeks List is:

Currently I Am:

Reading:  Trailing by Kristen Louise Duncombe - this is the blurb about the book taken from Amazon

Recently graduated American psychotherapist Kristen Louise Duncombe moves to New Orleans to begin her work life, but those best laid plans go awry when she meets and falls in love with an Argentinian doctor.  They marry and end up overseas because he works with the Doctors Without Borders (in French Medecins Sans Frontieres).  They make their first home in Nairobi, Kenya, then move to Uganda and finally to Paris.

I love these sorts of books as I have lived in the Middle East so I enjoy hearing and reading about others adventures.

Listening To:  My washing machine - just put a load of washing on, and the birds churping outside

Laughing At:  Simon Baker making Kookaburra Noises on the Ellen Show

Swooning Over:  Still swooning over Novak Djokovic taking his shirt off after his tennis match the other night.

Planning:  to take a holiday sometime soon

Eating Lots Of:  Fruit and veges as part of my 30 day juice/raw food journey

Feeling:  the worst I have in a long while - so tired today that I feel like I can barely function (except to write this list)

Discovering:  new recipes and foods as I try to become healthy

Looking At:  the threatening grey clouds outside hoping for a storm tonight

Wearing:  A pair of black pants that are almost two sizes to big for me now and that makes me happy

Cooking:  Cajun coated chicken on the BBQ tonight

Wondering:  If tomorrow morning I will wake up and feel like running a marathon

Trying Out:  My first  Personal Training Session next week - oh dear I'm in trouble well my body will be anyway.

Well there you go List One complete - how about creating yours and sharing it on Listmania


  1. that book sounds good.
    good luck with all the healthy eating and training
    thanks for linking up - deb @ home life simplified

  2. Good luck with your diet, it sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more!