January 15, 2013

Day 14

I had a terrible sleep last night - I think I was on a sugar high (maybe) from that protein ball I ate yesterday - its the first bit of anything sweetish that  I have had in 14 days.  Well thats what I think it was anyway.

This morning we had a smoothie - the goji berry one from Joe Cross - except I made the one with raspberries and we found it quite sour (I used frozen raspberries) I much prefer the taste of the one made with blueberries.  But thats my preference  anyway.

Lunchtime - and I've had a really busy day driving a long way - so I come home and open the fridge and I want to eat something that I should not - like the spaghetti bolognaise that my husband made - and let me tell you he makes a fine spag bol.  But instead of dipping a big spoon into the bowl I take out the grapes instead - good on me!!!!

I will weigh myself tomorrow so I don't want to ruin it - but I am not really expecting to have much if any loss due to the fact that I have introduced food into my daily regime - usually just at dinner time though.  But who knows I might surprise myself.

Dinner time I had the leftovers from last night - my cauliflower and spinach dish.

 I am still  badly craving sugar - thats what you get for having a chocolate protein ball I suppose.  I munched on some grapes but I want SUGAR soooo bad.  Think I might have to go to bed early and hopefully wake up not craving sugar.

What do you do if you are craving sugar - any juices that will solve the problem........

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  1. So good to see your post. I am a complete sugar addict. One of my resolutions this year was to give up sugar and I've already failed miserably! I had this exact conversation with my husband about how to handle cravings. It's a tough habit to kick! Would love to hear how you get on! Good luck. x

  2. I have just stopped having sugar in my tea, and overly sweet things. Have you tried sweet fruits? I am coping ok so far, although it's only been 4 days.