January 16, 2013

Day 15 - Oh No Creme Eggs

Yep its weigh day today and I was not expecting a very good result seem as I have added food to my diet.  BUT I only put on 200g - so I am pretty happy about that.  YIPEE!!!!!

BUT OH NO the supermarket has Cadbury Creme Eggs - they are my all time favourite - I reckon my body is 80% creme egg - thats how much I like creme eggs.  When my husband and I lived in the Middle East we would spend a small fortune on creme eggs when they hit the shops.  I even got my brother to post me some one year as at one stage you could not buy easter eggs at all - seem as they don't celebrate holidays like that.  But times are a changing.

Anyway I will have to be very strong willed to stay away from the creme eggs.

SO this morning after being pretty chuffed at the result on the scales - oh and my BMI and body fat percentage had gone down as well - so all is good.  As I was saying I started the day with a blueberry/banana/chia seed smoothie which was to die for - made with rice milk.  But because I used both frozen bananas and blueberries it came out very thick so I had to eat it with a spoon - but it would be perfect for a really hot day.

Lunch time - well I have been snacking on cranberries - probably full of sugar (I hope not)  I have been meaning to get up off my backside and make a juice all day but have not got round to it - too many houseworky things to do on my day off, not a good excuse to not eat I know.  Bad bad....

For dinner we are having cajun grilled chicken with mixed salad leaves and orange - yummo.

But I did also make some raw cacao balls to eat when I get my chocolate cravings - these are so good and I got the recipe off the facebook page of "Addicted to Raw" so check it out.  She also has some great green juice recipes on there.

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