January 6, 2013

Day 5 - Taste Buds Not Working

Woke really late today - big sleep in which was nice. 

Shared the Goji Berry Smoothie with my husband this morning, and he saw me putting avocado in it yesterday so he made sure that I did not put any in this morning (I did tell him that he drank a juice the other day that had some in - and hes not impressed with me)...LOL...  So anyway I made the smoothie with goji berries/blueberries/banana/spinach/chia seeds and coconut water - it was still just as good as yesterday.

I must say that I am still feeling a little heavy in the head, but I am hoping that it will pass soon.  And I would love something to chew on - so I might eat a carrot or something.

For lunch I had a juice from the shop RAW ENERGY at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast.  I had the Mint Magic which was apple/pineapple/mint/ginger - it was real good.

This afternoon I whipped up a smoothie in my Vitamix.  Water/banana/spinach - usually I love this but my taste buds are BLAH - this tasted just awful, needless to say it went down the plug hole.  So I am trying to get some watermelon into me, even this tastes a bit off, and so does the water I'm drinking.  Oh dear whats up with this - has anyone else experienced a similar thing????

My husband is supposed to be joining me tomorrow in this juicing journey - but I'm really not too sure if he will or not.  For lunch he has eaten a whole bag of chippies and today hes downed two red bulls - he sure is going to go through detox hell if he does decide to do this.

Not sure what I'll drink tonight but I'll sign off for the day.  Need to get juicing again for tomorrow - back to work - on the road again.

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