January 7, 2013

Day 6 - Part One - Awake at 0100

Well yesterday was a bit of a shitty day really - come dinner time I felt juiced out, even though I had only had two juices all day.  Everything I put in my mouth tasted just awful, and I still have this lingering awful taste in my mouth.

My husband was cooking a steak for dinner and I so wanted to eat a piece also - but I didn't.  I then went to the fridge as I could not bear to drink another juice, so I started peeling some mushrooms to cook up and eat- then my conscience got the better of me and I put them back and had a cup of mint/ginger tea instead.  

But I guess I can't sleep as I'm not all that nourished today - who knows.  So I'm facebooking and blogging until I feel that I can sleep.

Hopefully this awful taste goes away and I can start drinking juice again -as my fridge and benchtop are overflowing with fruit and vege just waiting to be juiced.

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