January 8, 2013

Day 7

Well I have made it to Day 7 - which was my original goal as I was going to follow Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 Days Plan so I gave achieved that anyway.  BUT I will keep going.

This morning I had a smoothie with water/spinach/banana/dates/cocao powder - and I have had this many times before - but as my taste buds have gone haywire it was not at all pleasant.  It was gross.  For me not to like chocolate flavour is really saying something.

So I will juice for the remainder of the day and then I will add a little food into my diet from now on.  I plan on having a salad with chicken slices/mixed salad leaves/radish/tomatoes and a few slices of orange for dinner (my husband wanted to eat Salmon Pasta - which he makes so well, but after what I achieved after 7 days I don't want to blow it in one sitting)  I feel the need to add food into my daily routine now - but healthy food.  I certainly do not feel like cakes/biscuits and certainly not chocolate - isn't that amazing how changing my eating for just seven days has changed the way I think about food.  I can only imagine what a good 60 days would do.

I have willpower but I really admire anyone who had completed the 60 day reboot program - but I really do not think that I can do this, I am getting to the stage where I feel really juiced out and can't stand the smell of vege juices.  Some days the smell just really gets to me.

Its 2000 and I've just had my first dinner since I started and it was very healthy - but my stomach is doing somersaults - I've shocked it with food.

Anyway heres to Day 8 - I will weigh myself in the morning and see what 7 days has achieved.

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