January 13, 2013

Day 11

Weekend again - I find this the hardest part of the whole thing.  During the week you are busy and on the go - but the weekends are more laid back and you have more time on your hands.

Last night my husband wanted Thai for dinner so I had a look at the menu to see what I could possibly have - I thought the chicken salad would be a good option - probably the best anyway.

So we went to pick up the food and when we got it home they had given me some unknown beef dish instead - so I did not eat it- obviously the reboot gods were looking out for me.

To start the day I had a watermelon/pineapple/ginger juice which was actually really good.  I also juiced a lemon/apple/mint juice for the afternoon - this is a great refreshing juice over ice - esp on a hot day like today.

For lunch we had the goji berry smoothie which is really filling - and we snacked on grapes.  Tonight I will make a salad and add a small amount of chicken.

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