January 5, 2013

Day 4 - Feeling Much Better

Last night was the worst - OMG I have not felt so ill in a very long time.  Headaches, nausea, running to the toilet and overall Blah!!!!!  I went to bed early hoping to wake and feel much better - and I do - YAY....

And my willpower withstood me last night- cooking meatballs on the BBQ for my husband and then putting together a yummy sandwich for him - torture.  I just smelt not tasted.

So today I feel sooooo much better, thank goodness.  Started the day with a hot water with lemon then followed with a Super Juice which had apples/pineapple/cucumber/lime all juiced then blitzed in the blender with some avocado (and my husband drank it - but he does not know that it had avocado in it - which he hates!!!)

Mid morning I had a pear/apple/celery/lemon juice while my husband sat beside me and ate baked beans and bacon on toast - my willpower is being tested to the max I tell you.

Form my afternoon juice I actually made one of Joe Cross's smoothies - OMG it was so good, this will now be one of my favourite drinks in the future.  It had goji berries/blueberries/avocado/coconut water (off the top of my head thats all the ingredients but I am having trouble accessing the website so cannot tell you for sure - will update as soon as I can get on to the website)

We are off to the movies tonight so I plan on drinking a juice before I go which will have all these goodies in it.

Parental Guidance what a funny movie - it was great, but so was the smell of popcorn (even though I never eat cinema popcorn).  I did not end up having my juice before I left so I have come home quite hungry - so I've finished the day with the Passion 4 Juice Master.

Heres to Day 5.....  How ate you all going????

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